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Robert Picardo (Jack)

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo is a graduate of Yale University and has been a well-known actor on stage, screen, and television for three decades. He has played leading roles on Broadway including legendary Jack Lemmon’s son in Tribute by Bernard Slade. He has performed in many of southern California’s finest theaters and earned a nomination for an Los Angeles Stage Ovation Award.

Robert Picardo is a favorite among science fiction fans around the globe for his popular role as the Holographic Doctor on television’s Star Trek: Voyager and in the attraction Star Trek: Borg Invasion at Star Park in Bremen, Germany, and at the Las Vegas Hilton’s Star Trek Experience. He also portrayed Richard Wooslye on Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Stargate: Universe. His next return to the character will be in the TV movie Star Trek: Renegades, due in 2014.

He is also well-known to television audiences for his roles on China Beach and The Wonder Years (for which he was nominated for an Emmy), not to mention countless guest star appearances on other shows.

Picardo’s film work includes the classics sci-fi films Legend, (Ridley Scott), Innerspace, The Howling, Gremlins II (Joe Dante) and Total Recall (Paul Verhoeven), and many other features such as Looney Tunes: Back in Action for Warner Brothers.

He is currently filming The Cursed Man. His other upcoming films include Monster School, Infiltrators and Last Stop.