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Lisa Nichols (Executive Producer)

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols, writer/producer, began her career in theater shortly after leaving UCLA, working in numerous productions in the Los Angeles legit scene and in short order wrote and produced her first play, Sixty Minutes From L.A.  Moving into the television/ film arena, she wrote and produced the pilot, Wild Horses and produced digital video and animation, short film, along with theater, while continuing to write.  She provided dialogue rewrites for the feature film Checkmate, and both her feature film Eau de L.A. and her teleplay for The Sopranos were Second Round Picks at the Austin Film Festival Screenwriters Conference. She was awarded first place at the Hi-Desert Poetry Competition for Boom Town, about her native Southern California.

She has had many of her plays produced in the 24 Hour Plays series at Pacific Resident Theatre where she was part of the Writers’ Group.  Last summer, she was selected to attend the Sewanee Writers’ Conference as a playwright.  She produced a tremendously successful play called Lions which was eventually published by Samuel French and more recently a great remounting of Glengarry Glen Ross in L.A.
Her comedy, Birds Do It, premiered in Venice, California in 2010 and after its successful run, Nichols adapted it as a film.  It is currently in pre-production.  Her latest feature script, Home, is about a woman willing to sacrifice everything to get her daughter through college.  Her latest play, Uploaded, is a satiric look at young men in the throws of their “Saturn return” years.