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Lisa Wiegand, Director of Photography

Lisa WiegandDetroit native Lisa Wiegand is among a handful of women practicing one of the most under-appreciated crafts in Hollywood: Cinematography. A lifelong interest in photography provided the guiding hand when choosing her career, and Wiegand graduated summa cum laude from Wayne State University with a degree in film and television. Later, she enrolled at UCLA, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in cinematography. Early on, Wiegand’s talents were recognized as a worthy investment, and Lisa received partial funding from the Motion Picture Association of America, The Hollywood Radio and Television Society, and Federico DeLaurentis and Owen Roizman, A.S.C.

In 1997, Wiegand was honored to attend the exclusive Szinhas-es Filmmuveszeti Fioskola film school in Budapest, and she was one of only sixteen students in the world invited by Kodak to participate in the annual cinematography master class taught by Laszlo Kovacs and Billy Williams. Two years later, she was granted the prestigious Karl Struss Heritage Award for outstanding achievement in cinematography by the American Society of Cinematographers. In that year, Wiegand’s camerawork on Eastside (produced by Kingsize Entertainment) received great reviews in several publications, including the Los Angeles Times. In 1999, the UCLA film festival honored Wiegand with its award for best cinematography for her work on Jornada del Muerto, a period drama directed by Matteaus Szumanski.

Already a rare commodity as a woman cinematographer, Wiegand’s expertise branches out even further with the use of the digital format, and she discusses her experiences in the winter 2001/2002 issue of FilmMaker magazine. And a fascination with non-traditional storytelling recently led Lisa to volunteer to shoot for the Sundance Institute Directors Lab in the summer of 2002.

She has been cinematographer for the TV series Deliver Me, The Little Couple, Sundance Directors Lab (documentary) DollhouseDetroit 1-8-7, Necessary Roughness, Wedding Band and Chicago Fire, and the films Mayfly and The Assignment.