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The on-set catering and craft services were created by the amazing ladies who manage my websites, Sherry McCutcheon and Sandra McHale. Sherry drove from Georgia in a Jeep full of pots and pans and food, and Sandra flew in from North Carolina. They rented a hotel room (with a kitchen) that was central to the locations where they prepared much of the food and transported it to the set each day. Many of the actors told me that they had never had food or craft services this good even on big budget Hollywood sets. Amazing!

Carole Baquet, a remarkable lady who has helped me so often over the years, took on the task of raising funds to assist in buying food for the catering/craft services. In barely a few weeks, she presented the caterers with almost $1,500, a full third of the costs.

Get the Dime would not have been completed without the generous support and fund raising efforts of my wonderfully supportive fans.  I had simply mentioned to a group of fans in Pittsburgh that I had recently been focusing my energies on filmmaking and that I had written a script that I intended to direct.
After talking with some of my fan club members that evening, Sherry and Sandra immediately sprang into action to create the Stephen Nichols Film Projects Fundraiser.

This effort was organized entirely by my fans, and not at my request. These beautiful women and their kids gave a tremendous amount of time and effort handling the auction, merchandise creation and sales, and quite a bit of cash out of their own pockets to help me see my dream realized. These very special people love and respect me way more than I deserve. They donated auction items, (some of which were precious memorabilia from there own collections), they bid on stuff, bought merchandise, and came from as far away as Germany, New Zealand and Australia to support a fan event in July, six months after Get the Dime had wrapped.

Counting proceeds from the events, all of the merchandise, and money donated for craft services, these beautiful people raised about $27,000 in eight short months, every dime of which went to the film. No one took a dime off the top for out-of-pocket expenses. You wonderful people are my friends. Some day, hopefully, I will be able to repay you. Someday. For now, I offer you my heartfelt gratitude.

- Stephen