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Honor Roll

low is an “honor roll” of family, friends, fans and others whose encouragement, guidance, assistance and financial support and assistance helped make Get the Dime possible.

Penny Franks
Ed & Betty Gordon
Aaron Nichols
Dylan Nichols
Vanessa Nichols
Carole Baquet
Alan Carter
Charlene Elam
Sue, Ian, Lucas & Caitlin Gockell
Kathy Jarvis
Sherry McCutcheon
Sandra McHale
Linda Pidutti
Cindy Stock
Stacy Weiss
Members of my fan club & the Lakeside Association
The CassaHOs
The Crystal Trees
Hormoz & Fariba Ameri
Cynthia Anderson
Neil Bagg
Don Cesario
Larry Dean Embry
Eileen O’ Sullivan
Tahareh Salmasi
Phillip Walsh
Rosemary Williams
Bonnie Zane
All the wonderful, hardworking club “extras”
The City of Santa Monica
A. Mason
Different By Design
Keep Me Posted
Phil Linson & the American Institute
and a special thanks to The Screen Actors Guild
and to the late Robert Guenette


Craft services volunteers:

Becky Muñoz
Belinda Blick
Liz Karacuschansky
Patricia Paskel
Rosalyn Richards